This week we were going to review Garden of Life RAW Meal, but the product didn’t arrive on time. Instead of just sitting around twiddling our thumbs, someone mentioned that they had seen that Special K, had released a new weight loss shake. We ran to the store and stopped when we saw the product. Special K is marketing the product as a protein shake, not meal replacement. Given that we just spent the time to define the difference, we were going to pass the buck.

Until we looked at the label and saw that it only had 10 grams of protein per serving. Really? We bought strawberry and dark chocolate and here we are to give the rundown.



We ended up spending $16 for eight bottles so the shake is a getting a solid 9 with a $2 per shake price tag. There is a convenience factor here that means you can get the shake at the store. It’s immediately negated by the fact that it only comes in four serving canisters…so there’s the awkward event of filling your cart full of weight loss shakes each month. It’s a bit much for some of us.

Hunger Blocker


Given that they are calling this a protein shake, you shouldn’t expect this to contain a lot of hunger blocking. We certainly weren’t. The shake contains 5 grams of dietary fiber, but that’s pretty much the only hunger blocking it contains. How much does a glass of chocolate milk fill you up? Well, that’s about the same you should expect from the Special K shakes. The 1o grams of protein didn’t do much either. It tasted like a treat and our stomachs demanded more shortly thereafter.



For a protein shake, 10 grams of protein is ridiculously low. For a meal replacement it’s about average. They also have about 35% of your daily vitamins and minerals per serving which is perfect for replacing one of your three meals. However, 29 grams of carbs, 18 grams of sugar and 190 calories are just too high for us to rate them higher and are bad for weight loss…the goal of meal replacement shakes.



These shakes had an interesting smell to them. Not bad, necessarily, just there. Some of us aren’t really fans of dark chocolate and this shake wasn’t going to convince us otherwise. The dark chocolate got a “M’eh, it’s not bad.” from the dark chocolate eaters and a “Yeah, I didn’t think I would like it,” from the rest. The strawberry was pretty good, but nothing special. It had the ‘I’m a protein shake’ vitamin taste to it. Still, overall these Special K Protein Shakes for weight loss tasted lots better than most others we’ve tried. You’d expect them too, though, with 18 grams of sugar…


So there you have it. If you were thinking of using these shakes as meal replacements, they can do a decent job at it. Not a terrific job, no, but decent. Think of your goal and why you’re even considering drinking a meal replacement shake. Isn’t your goal to lose weight? This shake is more of a treat than a weight loss shake. It’s funny that they market it as a ‘protein shake,’ too, trying to capitalize on public ignorance regarding protein shakes and weight loss. We’re pretty sure other protein shakes out there would kick sand in it’s face at the beach.

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  1. I’ve been replacing two meals a day with the Special K shakes in addition to exercise for 70 days . I have lost 30 pounds! These are great tasting and fill me up. (Which says a lot since I was a major over eater!) I frequently find myself craving a shake! I’ve tried the slim fast shakes, but they don’t keep me satisfied long. The Special K shakes are so good, even my finicky six year old daughter loves them. She drinks a shake as an after school snack every day! They care very convenient, tasty, and easy to buy at almost any store. I can buy 4 Special K shakes for about $6. That will last 2 days. I would recommend trying it If you’ve never tried meal replacement shakes before (like me.) This is a great way to try it out without spending much money up front or feeling overwhelmed.

    • Hi Angie, I have never drank protein shakes before and was wondering if they are good and safe.I am starting to walk 5 days a week.I walk about 5-7 miles per day but need something eles to help with some weight lose.I feel great but not really seeing any progress.Help!!!!!. Joyce

    • I have been using Special K Protein shakes to replace a meal a day and to curb that nasty night time hunger. I have lost 20.5 pounds in 7 weeks, and love the way these shakes have helped me. If you go to the Kelloggs familyrewards.com web-site you can enter the codes from the shakes & receive coupons for future purchases. A new flavor is French Vanilla Cappuchino, and it is amazing!!!! The only flavors I use are regular vanilla, milk chocolate, strawberry, and this new capuchin one. I really like the taste of them all, and when I feel I need chocolate, the chocolate shake really satisfies me. I do feel these are well worth using.

    • Maureen Wolf says:

      -I am trying these delicious drinks for a different reason. I have stage four cervical cancer and lately (about 8 weeks) nothing I have eaten, sometimes drank have not stayed down. So with some medication sorting around and dropping altogether, my Mother introduced me to theses tasty drinks. I was very skeptical because I didn’t like Boost or Ensure. I am back on track to picking up some much needed nutrition, oh and that’s the good part, that do not taste nutritional. Thank you and keep up the great work, Special K.

  2. I started drinking the special K shakes for breakfast when I have to be up early and moving. It’s hard for me to eat solid food first thing in the morning, but the shakes have allowed me to get my metabolism started right when I wake up. The milk chocolate is definitely the best tasting and I don’t even like chocolate milk that much. Strawberry and vanilla flavors definitely have the taste of protein shakes, but I don’t mind it and often blend fresh fruit into the vanilla ones.

    I’ve lost 15 pounds in the past 2.5 months and this is not because of the shakes, but they did help a lot. If you are looking to lose weight you have to control how much you consume. Replacing one meal a day is awesome, but if the rest of your meals are super high in calories, you will not lose weight!

    Back to the shakes, I love them! This morning I was out of them and stopped by fresh and easy, hoping to find at least one in the cooler because I found myself craving it! I wasn’t able to find it and settled for the closest thing I could find which was the light muscle milk. AWFUL. The taste of Special K is far superior and I love it!

  3. I drink these dark chocolate shakes every day for breakfast because it’s easy, fast, and they taste absolutely GREAT! I crave them too. I haven’t lost any weight, but I only work out twice a week and don’t do much else in between. I am thinking of changing to 2 meals a day with the shakes. They do seem to ease the hunger, and I love the convenience. I’ve been doing this for about a year, and I’m not getting at all tired of the dark chocolate flavor at all.

  4. Hi I am overweight. I work at a hospital and all the nurses are doing this expensive diet that I cannot afford. I was looking for a mealreplacement drink because I figured that was be a lot cheaper than trying to do it their way. So i googled what was a good meal replcement drink for women? and this drink came up. I want to use it because it sounds like it may work for me. Im currently 216lbs and Im 5’8 I want to get to 160lbs.So I have to lose 56lbs. I know its not going to happen overnight. But Im hoping this will help… any suggestions??

    • Yes. Drink one to replace meals, try to find a shake that actually fills you up at a cost-effective price. Special K might work, it might not, but we do have a lot of other shakes that have 10’s in the Price category so you can try those too.

      Exercise regularly, and limit your other meals to keep yourself at about 1600-1800 calories per day. This will help with your initial weight loss.

      Keep your chin up and stay motivated. You can do it!

    • Esther Martinez says:

      Im in the same boat…the shakeology everyone is using is just too steep for my pockets….im ready for a weight loss ive been overweight all my life i honestly think we need mitivation and accountability and will power

    • Kesha,

      Goood luck with your weight loss. I think the first step to weight loss is knowing yourself. That is where logging your food consumption comes in. If you write down what you’re putting into your mouth you become more aware of where your problem areas are.

      I started drinking Special K not to replace a meal but because I don’t usually have breakfast and wanted to add a meal. Which is great cause now I don’t hit the vending machine at 10 AM!!!! I have also been counting my calories and in the last month I have lost 9 lbs. I know I have a very long road in front of me but I am willing to do the work.

      Those costly diet programs aren’t for everyone. Personally I would rather take charge of my weightloss instead of letting someone else control it.

      Just remember that weight loss is not a sprint. Results may come slowly but they will come. Slow and steady wins this race.

    • Hello,
      I am right there with you, I want to lose about 40lbs and I am taking a day at a time. I started out on the SF shakes, but want to try the Special K this time and see how it goes. Thank goodness I’m a little tall so my weight doesn’t really show, but I can feel it. Good luck to you.

  5. I have been on a steady pace with the meal replacement shake diet for about 9 weeks now. The problem I found for a lot of your suggestions, was the price. I was paying more for a “good” quality shake than I would for the ominous “brown sack lunch” from the “MC-Wendy-King-Bell-Way”, but my wife slipped in a 4-pack of the Special-K brand because she was tired of seeing the $50+ bill from GNC on the credit card, they were on sale, AND she had a coupon. I cracked one of them open, took a big gulp and nearly blew it back out on my computer screen… they were quite frankly, nasty. I could no longer choke them down after the third day of torture and thought I was going to be forced to pay the extortion prices of Shakeology or PGC for something tasty. However, something happened I did NOT expect. I found my co-worker drinking a MR shake on the next Monday afternoon. I was out of shakes myself, so I offered to buy one, thinking they would be $2-$3, I pulled out a $5. Wrong! she gave me one, and said she got them for $0.75/each. I thanked her, and asked her how many she had to buy to get that price. I also noted that I remember seeing the “Equate” brand but did not remember where. We exchanged weight loss counts for a brief moment, and that’s when she dropped the bomb, “It’s from Walmart.” I almost gave the shake back but I realized I had nothing to lose, plus I enjoy the masochistic tongue lashings on occasion so I puckered my lips, pinched my nose, and began to drink. To my amazement, I enjoyed the taste, and it kept me filled for the next few hours. I WAS AMAZED! A little short on the “fulfillment” category though. I have been drinking the Walmart brand shakes for 5 weeks now and I am still enjoying the flavor.
    Mrs. R mentioned there experience as, “meh, it’s not bad =’s an 8.6?!” I sincerely nominate her for the “Literary Understatement of the Year Award”. I’d give it a ~3. One mark for each day I was able to drink it. I cannot say enough discouraging things about the floury insta-choco flavoring these special-k brand shakes have. Go try the wally world shakes, I’m not kidding, and @ $0.75/each what have you got to lose.

  6. I would like to tell you that i have started drinking the Special K protein shake
    and i thin it is wonderful, it is full of vitamins it is low fat and anything that will
    help curb my hunger cravings is great, your chocolate flavor is a bit BOLD and
    am wondering why such strong, overbearing taste of chocolate for such a nice
    meal replacement ???

  7. Schretta Richie says:

    I would like to start out saying these shakes are TASTY :-) awhile back I tried the slim fast shakes and the taste was horrible I never tried them shakes again but when I heard about the Special K shakes I said I must try them because everything I have tried from Special K their chips, cereal bars, cereal was pretty tasty to me so I was like I bet these shakes are good so being that I’m trying to loose a little weight I said I’m going to try them and just like I thought pretty tasty I drink 1 every morning for my breakfast

  8. Can I used this shake while im breastfeeding????

  9. Would like to know if one a day, is good to try at first, or dose it matter? Thank you

  10. I have been on the special k shakes 4 days now. I replaced 2 meals and drinks pleanty of water without exercise because i really don’t have the time, but i have losy 7lbs ovet 4 days….i am 2 excited……i love the chocolate and frenh vanilla

  11. We stumbled on it at Walmart mart and love it. We get up late and around 6am we are ready to eat but not ready to get up. So we drink our special protein shake with fiber and go back to bed. Retirement is wonderful. Thanks for the special drink we love it. We plan to make it a part of our day 365. 😉

    • I love the Special K shake. I just started it. I love the taste of it. It do not leave any after taste. And keep me away from junk foods. Love it. I use it for two meal replacement. Breakfast and dinner. Also try the Special K snack bar!

  12. Try putting the Special K protein shake in a blender or magic bullet, along with strawberries or any fruit really. It gives it additional flavor and keeps you full for a longer period of time. Plus you get a serving of fruit out of it!


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