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Today’s review is a product called the Cinch Weight Loss Shake from Shaklee. A couple readers have recommended this and we were happy to oblige, though our pocket books were less so. Let’s get to the review:



14 Servings of Cinch comes in at a whopping $48-60. That’s somewhere between $3.10-4.00 per shake. They have some sort of membership program that will drop the price by a couple bucks and end you around $2.65-3.30 per meal which is still pretty high.

Hunger Blockers


The Cinch shakes don’t list any patented hunger blockers and the ingredient list reads like a College Chem Lab so we’re not a hundred percent sure what they are using to curb your appetite but it was somewhat effective. Drinking it made most of us feel full, but only for 2-3 hours. It might get you from breakfast to lunch, but we wouldn’t recommend replacing lunch with this one. You’ll be starving by dinner time.



Cinch boasts all natural flavors which is awesome, but also strange because we tried the cafe latte flavor and coffee beans are no where on their list of ingredients. That’s good cause caffeine is bad, but they are using only natural flavors to simulate a coffee flavor, without using coffee, isn’t that artificial flavoring in itself? This is the kind of thinking that keeps us awake at night…anyway, moving on! Cinch is coming in average with 33%-ish for your RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) of vitamins and minerals. Not bad, but we’ve seen better. They have 16 grams of protein which is good, but 16 grams of sugar which is bad. 190 Calories and 25 grams of carbs had us giving it an 8.5 overall in nutrient value.



Real-Fake or Fake-Real or however they made this latte flavor, it was pretty good. It did well to hide that vitamin aftertaste that we’ve come to loath in shakes. And all-in-all we liked it. We weren’t sure if it was just the latte flavor that was able to pull it off though because we haven’t tried all of them. However, if flavor is your hang-up, these guys might be the ones to try.

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  1. Tammy Woolard says:

    I have personally used the Cinch meal shakes and am also a Shaklee distributor. There are several things in the article I could write about, but the main thing I wanted to say is that NOBODY in the industry has the science to back up their products the way Shaklee does, and also guarantees that what you’re taking is safe, because they manufacture their products to stricter standards than the competition. I wish you’d do a little more digging to get a few more of your facts straight. The more you learn about Shaklee, the better you’ll like the company, and the more you’ll appreciate their products. They have changed my life.

    • That’s some vague info Tammy. Could you maybe link to some sources to these claims?

      • Nancy dykes says:

        In a twelve week study participants lost an average of 15 lbs.
        But more importantly, no participant lost any muscle mass only fat. This is the difference with the Shaklee shakes. Go to the Web site if you want the research it is there.

        • First, it was a 12 week preliminary study, which is quite different from an in-depth study.

          Second, No where on the site is the official study’s information posted. We even went to some of our handy sites like pubmed to see if we could find it…nothing. Everyone seems to be posting the results from this study, but no where could we find the actual study.

          Preliminary studies often have lots of little facts that could be larger contributors. How many people were in the study? What kind of exercise regimen was each of these participants asked to complete? How many were men, how many were women? (Men tend to lose more weight, faster.)

          Saying that the information is right there on the site is a bit misleading and infers that we don’t do our due diligence. We did, but we just didn’t see the information necessary to make those kind of claims.

          • This is what I hate about Shaklee. All the distributors claim the amazing “science” to back everything up, but no where have I seen actual scientific studies! I’ve looked too!

            The more I research shaklee, the LESS I like them. It seems like all their distributors give the same, canned answers that mean nothing.

            …and let me admit something, I AM a Shaklee distributor. I’d quit, but I think my MIL would disown me-so I just don’t sell a thing, or use it either.

          • Dianna Williamson says:

            You made a comment about Shaklee that was unfounded. Perhaps you did not know where to look. However if you are the expert as you have stated, Mrs. R. then you should have known that hospital libraries contain 3rd party peer reviewed scientific studies and Shaklee has published many.

          • Really Dianna because if you actually followed those links and read up on the studies they speak in generals. “Diet and Exercise works better than just Exercise” and “Supplements can help you lose weight.” In fact the only study specifically for Shaklee was “open label.” Open label studies are a no-no as labels tend to skew perceptions and responses. What readers should be looking for a is a 3rd party double blind study, which none are listed.

            We do tend to dig deeper into the research and we have spent 3 years using meal replacement shakes and writing these articles. We’ve not claimed to be experts, just a 3rd party review site

    • You sell it so it’s the best.. Keep drinking the kool-aid

  2. I was raised on Shaklee products. My mother was and is an avid user or their vitamins and supplements. (we never sold these products, just used them) I used the cinch shakes to drop about 35 lbs after the birth of my second child. I am up about 10 lbs now from winter, but I only use the shake for breakfast. I will start buckling down and do 2 shakes a day to get over this hump. I work out at least 5 days a week by walking/jogging 3 miles or 1 hr on the elliptical and supplement with whitewater kayaking. I tried other easier to find shake mixes (and cheaper) and nothing compares to the taste of the shaklee shakes, so I keep springing for them. I’m used to the soy flavor since I used to drink their other protein shakes as a kid before school. My experience is that the exercise is really important. I like the shakes because it’s easy and healthy. I did not do well following their ‘diet’. I just use the shakes and try to eat healthy in between. With the holidays, I’ve been really bad and am looking forward to getting back on track. I do think the exercise makes a huge difference in your success no matter what plan you follow. Losing weight is a hard process…and you can’t just change one aspect of your life and succeed. I have a long way to go, but I found activities I like to do and try to keep at them regularly. Some days, you make bad choices. You just have to commit to finding a healthier way and it all falls into place. I will never be skinny. I just want to be strong and healthy and able to keep challenging myself physically.

  3. adrienne bell says:

    I love Cinch so much I can cook with it everything from frozen cinch pops to Cinch cakes and the snack bars are even better than the shakes!

  4. Would you mind doing a comparison on the Shaklee “Energizing Soy Protein?” I know it doesn’t have as many carbs, probably not enough to consider it a meal replacement. However, I was thinking that if I added a banana, almond milk and maybe even spinach, it would be just as great as the other top products. PLUS, i can get it for only $31 for 30 servings. Would love to hear your imput!

  5. I’ll never buy this product again… shakes made me gain weight, not lose and took them according to directions ,… waste of money

  6. Beverly Lord says:

    Love Shaklee products! I have been purchasing them since 1995 when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Tried everything over-the-counter and even miralax, a prescription, for digestive problem. Nothing helped me but Shaklee’s Herb-Lax. Also, their vitamins and protein shakes gave me energy that ms takes away from you. I don’t need to look at scientific facts or compare prices of others that don’t work for me. I will continue to use Shaklee products because the fact is – my life is much better with Shaklee!

  7. Cinch is expensive when you factor in the s&h and tax, but it’s worth it when you consider the quality and taste. I bought Cinch to drop a few pounds. It’s too soon to tell if it works.

  8. I purchased Cinch starter kit for my husband. He is overweight and a doctor recommended “lap band”. After listening to their video on what the lap band can do along with food restrictions and surgery risks too, I encouraged my husband to first try the Shaklee Cinch for at least 3 months. We hope it works the way Shaklee claims so my husband does not have to have the other procedure.

  9. Kip Brooks says:

    Thanks for the article. Good piece and good info. I love this site.

    I will say that my wife has a friend that’s a distributor so she bought them. She has tried many others including Isagenix and Idealshape but Shaklee has worked best for her but like anything else you have to take it on yourself to find what works for you and commit along with exercising. The best shakes in the world won’t do squat for you if you don’t exercise and stay healthy in between. Healthy is a 24/7/365 lifestyle.

  10. nicole says:

    Is there a difference in the shaklee cinch and the shaklee 180?


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