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Are you here reading reviews looking for a great non-GMO product because all those poisonous modified foods can’t hold a candle to like, “NATURE man!”? Do you need every ingredient on the label to say “Raw Organic” before it? Are you seriously afraid that your diet doesn’t contain enough Hemp Seed or Guar Gum? Then read no more, Rockin’ Wellness is your shake.

I’m serious. Go buy this shake and stop reading this review right now. We’re only going to make you angry and we might even call you a hippy. Whoops! Just did!

Look. We built this site with the average consumer in mind. We base our reviews on those that want to eat a little healthier but don’t necessarily have an issue with eating a hamburger from a fast food joint. We have nothing against organic foods, in fact, we understand their health benefits, BUT we also know that there are trade-offs to eating full organic.

We also don’t vilify GMO’s safety. (The bio-agricultural economics argument we’re split on, but NOT the safety of GMO.)

If any of these statement made you angry. Like, actually ANGRY because some opinions on a review site on the internet, then trust us, we know what you’re going to say. We’ve gotten your letters and your arguments and we’ve read every single point you can make. We know that we’re “morons” and “just part of the machine” so with that being said; let’s move on to the review of Rockin’ Wellness.



Rockin’ Wellness starts out strong on the price costing $60 for a 30-serving bag. That comes to an even $2 per shake which is great. Not quite a 10, but for something you could find at an Whole Foods store, this product is quite affordable. Oh, but if you DO find it at a whole foods store, the Suggested Retail Price is $90, so that’s $3 per shake. Buy this shake on line if you’re going to do so. Paying 50% more for the convenience of walking to the store and getting it right now instead of waiting a few days and having it delivered to your doorstep is not wise.

Hunger Blockers


So, we reviewed this shake after so many reader requests, but here’s the thing: Rockin Wellness is not advertised as a meal replacement shake; and for good reason. This shake is meant as a supplement for Omega 3’s and Enzymes and Antioxidants and not meant to replace a meal for you. This shake doesn’t fill you up and it’s not supposed to…so, to say the least, we were unimpressed. Most of us were hungry within 30 minutes or so after drinking this shake. Also, if your body is not used to full-on Raw Organic diet this shake will cause you digestive issues. They will go away as your body adjusts, but be aware.



Honestly, the first couple paragraphs were to get people ready for this score in nutrition. So, how does a product that is so healthy (which it is!) not get above a 9 in Nutrition? Well, our nutrition score is based on supplementing a meal, not just being loaded with Omega 3’s and Raw Organic ingredients. You see, there are things like Vitamin D that your body needs for bone strength. Vitamin D is not found in this shake…

The shake is great on calories with only 90 per serving! That’s the lowest we’ve seen here at MRSR, but that’s probably because there is only 4 grams of protein per serving. 4 grams of protein is waaaaaay too low if you’re trying to replace a meal. Also we would like to see about 30% of your RDI in 20+ vitamins and minerals. These contain less than 10% of only 5 vitamins and minerals.

In conclusion, these shakes are healthy, but they are not nutritionally balanced to replace a meal.



Do you like the taste of Stevia? Because while this shake is marketed under the flavor “Chocolate” there was very little chocolaty about the drinks we tasted. If you’re a big organic fan, then you already know what you’re in for and probably even will like this shake.

If, on the other hand, you think of a Hershey’s bar when you think of chocolate, then you will likely be pretty disappointed. It tastes like fake sugar and sweet peas to me.

So there you have it, Rockin Wellness in an Organic Raw Nutshell.

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  1. I realy like this shake. I have IBS issues and I was looking for a shake that could add almond milk too and fruit without so much protein to be honest. It is too much at times which messes with my tummy. The ingredients seem healthy and I do feel energized after one shake. Hopefully it will keep working. The price is really high for me but worth it if it works to be honest. I guess time will tell! NO artificial flavors though! And the taste is good.

  2. Jeanne morris says:

    My husband ordered me your shakes and all I can say is that your product is AMAZING ! I have arthritis of the spine and after only ten days I can face the day with hardly any pain. I would recommend RockinWellness to one and all!


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