After an extended holiday break gorging on turkey, stuffing and all the fixings, we’re back at it with another review! We’ve had a lot of requests for the Nutrisystem shakes, despite it not following exactly with our criteria. In the end, we gave in and decided to let you guys know what we thought of them. It took a while, however, to get our hands on just the shake. If you’re looking to buy these shakes ‘A La Carte’ here’s a quick tutorial, of how to pull it off. We know, we know, buying a product shouldn’t be so difficult as to require a tutorial, but here we are.

Go to their website. On the top left of the page, you will see a ‘how it works’ button. Click there. Then click one of the ‘men, women, diabetic’ options on the list (doesn’t matter which as you’re not going to end up buying the plan. Now on the right there will be Core, Silver, and Vegetarian pricing. Click ‘buy now‘ on any of them. When the next page comes up, scroll down below the package pricing options and you will find a link labeled ‘A La Carte’. Click there, the protein shakes are under vitamins and supplements tab.

When we bought A La Carte, we’ve been expecting a call from a NutriSystem rep ever since we ordered; to tell us the benefits of their full program, but it hasn’t happened yet…so…there’s a plus! Let’s get to the review!



If you jump through the right hoops you can get this product for $1.43 per shake. $10 for a 7-pack, which is normally a 10! So what was our problem? 2 things: One, the difficulty required to find the store on this site. We weren’t happy with it. And secondly, in order to buy the product ‘A La Carte’, you are required to give your current weight, and desired weight loss. Now, as they market this as a protein shake, you would think people that want to supplement a muscle-gain routine might want to try this shake. Nope! If you put something in the field like, “I’m 6’3, 140 lbs” it will refuse to let you move on claiming that your numbers are inaccurate. You are far too skinny to be using their program. You can always just fudge the numbers, but then….what’s the freaking point of these fields or requiring it?

Hunger Blockers


Alright, NutriSystem markets their shake as a protein shake, and not a meal replacement; we can see why. The shake contains 1 gram of fiber for blocking hunger and…


well, that’s it. This shake isn’t meant to be used for replacing meals unless you’re willing to go hungry. Nobody was full after a shake. You’ll need to add lots of extra fruits or peanut butter to get anything to fill you up. Which means more calories.



This shake contains only 110 calories and 15 grams of protein. That’s a good start, but a terrible end. We say end, because that is pretty much the only mentionable nutritional value in this shake. There are 6 grams of sugar per serving…8 grams of carbs, but pretty much no vitamins and minerals to supplement replacing a full meal. It should be noted that it’s not meant to be a stand alone product. They’re really trying to get you on the $300 per month full program, which includes balanced meals. But even then, these shakes add very little beyond protein to your health.



We tried the strawberry for a taste of something different. 6 grams of sugar is low, which is good, but they use Sucralose as well to sweeten the drinks. In the end, these were a bit sugary to us. If you’re going to use a 0-cal sweetener, you don’t need to add sugar as well.

In conclusion, if you’re thinking about NutriSystem, then you should be thinking of using the full program. Buying the shakes A La Carte wasn’t worth it for us. We would like to reiterate that we do know that this is a protein shake, and that it’s not supposed to be used A La Carte. We got a lot of requests for it though, and we’re nothing if not accommodating!

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  1. I just started this weight loss program 3 weeks ago and I’ve lost 23 lbs. already. I ever so slightly cheat. I chose N/S products when I do cheat!! I feel great and my clothes are showing a little looser. I will be on this diet for many months to come. I have week-ends off and practice what I have learned, to watch for the portion size. So all is well, and I LOVE all of the food except the nut bars so that’s pretty darned good. Thanks!!

  2. I’ve been on nutisystem for about a week, I’ve also lost about 10lbs without any exercise. i do work a 65 hr a week job that involved little sitting and lots of speed walking so i guess that would qualify as exercise in some parts of the united states. i was really skeptical about the shakes, almost to the point of skipping them altogether. After looking at my daily food intake while on this diet I figured i could use whatever i could that passed as food or I’d be at circle K in no time getting my 2-$3 deal with a gigantic 65 cent dr pepper and a blow pop bouquet (yes! that wasn’t a typo). i tried the vanilla first using a bottle of spring water and the complimentary shaker bottle. it tasted pretty much like a low sugar protein shake and it wasn’t that gritty. 2 days later on my day off i decided to try the chocolate. i used my NINJA info-mercial blender with skim milk in place of water and 3 big ice cubes. it came out looking super thick and airy. it actually took more than one red plastic cup (the ones i used for those keg parties bad in high school, well those keg parties latest a few years after high school…) to contain the shake. Anyway, believe it or not it tasted like a not so awesome chocolate frosty from wendy’s, in my book that’s damn good for a dinky protein shake. i do agree that one shouldn’t bother with them if you’re not doing the entire plan. if you ate regular food and had to drink one of these you would be sorely disappointing.

  3. My food will be here tomorrow and I am so excited. I will be doing this for a while, like months, but that’s good. I will learn how to eat and how to keep the weight off. I will be posting often. Janice

  4. Sallie Smith says:

    I am getting discouraged because I have been on the program for 3 weeks and have not lost any weight. I have not been drinking the shakes and there have been days that I do not eat as much as the program requires. Is this the reason that I have not been successful. I have not cheated at all and have eaten only the NS foods. Please help as I am considering not continuing with the program. I am 61 years old and need to lose 50 pounds. Please advise. I

    • Get your thyroid checked.

      • To Ms Sallie:

        I am 56; recently retired nurse. At our age the first thing you should ask your doctor if he feels nutrisystem is the right eating plan for you. I have also lost only about 7 pounds in 5 weeks; which seems slow to me when really the whole program is geared to lose 1-2pouds a week. Another very impotant thing to consider is any ,medications that you are taking that has a side affect of weight gain. That is my problem; so I need this medicine and the nutrisystem plan has prevented any further weight gain and allowed me to loose some weight. According to Consumer Reports magazine Nutrisystem is the #2 weight loss program in the USA preceded only by Medifast in the number one slot. I personally did not care for the cost of that program. Sorry for the long explination. Long Story short SEE YOUR PHYSICIAN about this plan> Only he has all of your records and knows you. Never trust an internet physician. For all we know this person may not be a doctor at all, Again I stress see your doctor;go from there and remember the older we get (I am in the same shoes the sloer the weightcomes off. We need exercise with the proper eating plan. I feel very safe using this program and afer seeing your Dr I hope you will to !! :>)

    • Hi, you have to eat the fruits, dairy products, and vegetables with the nutrisystem products… It worked for me after my 2nd child… and now after my third child I am starting again…. The first time I used nutrisystem I lost 15 pounds in less than a month and it stayed off for a while!….until I got pregnant so I have confidence It will Work again!!!

      • I am waiting for my food int he mail but I wa a little confused by chatting with th elady online, so besides the 4 meals a day you can eat other food? How do you know that you are not going over calories?

    • It took me 15 months to lose 50 pounds. I never cheated even one time. As soon as I started adding regular food back into my diet, which was eating NS 4 days and regular meals 3. Within less than 5 months I had gained 38 pounds back, so I went right back to strictly NS, and the weight never would come back off. The counselor that I talked to told me to stop exercising, which I was only walking 2 miles a day, because she thought I was gaining muscle and it wasn’t really gaining fat back. I quit walking and nothing happened, including losing weight. Sorry to say I feel as though I wasted my money and I could have bought a new car for what I spent.

  5. Donna Glantz says:

    I have been on Nutrisystem for 8months and have lost 32lbs. It has worked great for me. The only exercise I do is walking. Drinking alot of water and eating fruits…Glad I tried this system. I am 60yrs old and look 50..

  6. i have been on N/S for about 1 week and I hae lost about 3lbs im excited about that but the sodium in the entrees is verrrrrry high and i am not fond of the taste@ all. i eat much more vegetales and drink much more water and started usingl stevia sweetne instead of regular sugar oh yeal i walk 2-3x’s a day now. i will change my menue for next month.
    i recommend picking your oun food, don’t let them pick it for you……good luck

    • You should call them before your next shipment date and tell them that you want to try the Low Sodium program. You will speak to a nutritionist there, and they will give you all low sodium foods and snacks. I cannot give an opinion on the taste because I just received my first shipment!

  7. Michelle says:

    Today is my 5th day on nutrisystem and I have lost 5 pounds! I love it!! I would recommend it to anyone because it really works !!

  8. I have used Nutrisysem before and the weight came off pretty fast. I did the whole program including the recommended excersize. It has been about a year and a half and I am going to start the full program again. My question is this; can I use the Ideal Shake meal replacement in place do the Nutrisystem shake? I have 3 full tubs of the Ideal Shake . The ideal shake is full of vitamins and only has 1 gram of sugar and 120 calories and 11 grams of protein and it really does fill me up and taste good too.

    • Hello, Sandy

      Are you saying you’d like to do the IdealShake instead of the Nutrisystem shake? If that’s what you’re saying, that’ll be just fine. Good luck!

      Mrs R

  9. Is it possible to loose weight by using meal replacement shake?

    • It isn’t just possible it is very likely that you will lose weight using meal replacement shakes if it helps you limit the number of calories you eat and drink.

  10. Can someone explain the protein shakes how do I use them ty

  11. I am 57 and have been trying to lose the 10 lbs that I gained after turning 50. I know that does not sound like much but it has been impossible and I had tried everything. As a last resort I decided to try Nutrisystem even though I was very skeptical. Wow, the weight dropped off in two months and I gotta say it really shocked me. Nutrisytem actually worked and I would highly recommend it. Regarding the shakes; I love the Nutrisystem chocolate shakes!!! I make them in a high speed blender and sometimes throw in a few blueberries. I actually add more water and ice than is called for so I end up with two large glasses full. Despite the added water they still come out thicker and more delicious than Ideal Shakes by far. I like the Ideal Shakes alot but they are thin unless you add a other stuff to it; like banana, etc. Now that I have achieved my desired weight I am planning to discontinue the Nutrisystem diet but would like to continue the shakes. They fill me up and are delicious! I usually have one every day around 2:00 and they usually keep me satisfied until dinner.


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