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Our pocket books took a hit this week to bring you review of a Nu Skin shake. The ‘My Victory! AC Shakes are pretty great at blocking your hunger, but we’ll get to that more in the review.



A la carte, with a 5% discount from buying directly from Nu Skin’s site, these shakes come in at $109.25 for a 30 day supply. That means you’re paying $3.65 per shake for these. That’s a bit too high for most of us here to use for any long period of time.

Hunger Blockers


Nu Skin combines 3 different appetite suppressants. With 8 grams of fiber, 90 Mg of chromium (which has debatable effects on hunger or with your body in general), and then it also has 1467 mg of Garcinia, which is a fruit.

Being somewhat unfamiliar, we had Jared pull up the research on Garcinia for us, and the studies show it’s pretty good for hunger blocking. However, he nearly threw his shake across the room when he read the study about how Garcinia Cambogia (the specific kind in these shakes) works for weight loss but seems to be highly toxic to the testis in large doses.

The guy staffers became hesitant, but we convinced them to continue with the shake and everyone agreed that the shake was effective. The shake really did work for hunger, but given how much we stress the “everything in moderation, fake sugar won’t hurt you” it was surprising how quickly some staffers changed their tune when their unmentionables were mentioned. Imagine that…



Garcinia hesitation aside, this was a pretty good shake nutritionally. With about 15-25% of 23 Vitamins and Minerals, it does an okay job at getting the nutrients you need to skip a meal. 160 calories and 6 grams of sugar isn’t bad either. Also we liked the 15 grams of protein to support muscle growth. All in all we liked it though it wasn’t the best we’ve seen.



We tried the Vanilla but we use the term loosely. You see, there is a term for anything bland or too normal. You say ‘it seemed a bit vanilla to me.” However we suggest that we coin the term AC Shake instead of Vanilla because if you’ve ever wanted to taste the definition of bland then try these shakes. I guess it tasted like sweetened milk with a vitamin aftertaste. We couldn’t really make a decision because to us it had very little flavor. However, what did come through was unanimously unfavorable. In the end, these might be the perfect shakes to mix with something else.

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  1. I’ve been taking the My Victory product for a couple of months. I became concerned when I read about the toxicitiy study for Garcinia. Having already finished my family, I don’t care about sterility, but the other side affects got my attention. Fortunately I did the math. For someone my size, I’d have to have about 75g (not mg) of the stuff to start to worry. Each serving is just 1.3 grams. So even twice a day I’m in a fairly safe zone according to the study.

    Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for the nuSkin folks, I’ll be switching to one of the less expensive, yet still affective products reviewed on this site.

    Good job! Thanks!


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