Dear readers. We love you, each and every one of you. We try the shakes that you suggest to us, but please don’t take advantage of our kindness. Asking us to rate NanoMeal™ is like making us suffer through a bad horror film. Ugh! Well, here it goes…



Well, congratulations go out to Shakeology, they no longer hold the title for most expensive drink on! NanoMeal™ comes in at $50 for a 10 day supply…yep, that’s $5 per meal! Might as well go to Wendy’s and get a salad, cause you’re paying the same price. Wow.

Hunger Blockers


We don’t know what kind of hunger blockers they use really because this product is a slurry of ™ and ® with †s and ©s thrown in to further confuse you. However, no one wanted to eat ever again after drinking this shake. We burned candles and there might have been a goat sacrifice in order to pay restitution to our poor stomachs for drinking this.



Well they only have about 35% of your RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) which they’ve boosted with things like 1425% of your daily Vitamin B12. Can you overdose on B12? Probably not, but wow, is that really necessary? They have a ton of † items where they say “Hey the FDA doesn’t realize how much you need this yet, but trust us…it’s awesome” ingredients. Are you getting your Unprocessed Whole Colostrum at significant levels? No? Yeah, that’s ok, you’ll live. 171 calories and 5 grams of sugar with 14 grams of protein ain’t too bad though! You win this round NanoMeal™



Ok, it’s probably just the fact that there’s a ton of vitamins (particularly 1425% of Vitamin B12), but this shake tasted horribly. They’ve got to figure something else out with their formula because the 5 grams of sugar didn’t quite make a dent at all with the flavor. Yuck. Puke doesn’t even help.

In summation Nanomeal™ have given us a new standard with which to rate the most horrible tasting drinks on Thanks NanoMeal™! (We think the TM stands for “Taste-bud Massacre)

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  1. Kristin says:

    Sorry for the mental scarring, but I laughed until I cried! Thanks for taking on for the team.

  2. Joseph says:

    If you’re going to rate a product and include a TradeMark symbol, you may want to be sure you have the name right.

    • Are you talking about how the specific product is called NanoMealG? Because the product line is NanoMeal and it’s trademarked too. So, we did get it right.

  3. Have you reviewed cleanses? Like the Blueprint cleanse?

    • Nope, and we won’t be reviewing them anytime soon.

      Our stance on cleanses is largely what every third party study ends up saying…”save your money.”

  4. Hilarious! Oh my God!!!

  5. ROFL!!! I certainly won’t be trying this one anytime soon! lol…

  6. First thing first, yes this drink mix was not at all pleasant, especially if you mix it with water. I found mixing it with juice or soy/almond milk and blending with a frozen half of banana helped the flavor. I tried it for a full 3 months. Not only to lose weight but because I had very active Crohns at the time and everything going in, including liquids, (to put it as nicely as possible) felt like swallowing shards of glass. My doctor recommended this and challenged me to last 3 months. The first thing I noticed right away was that wow, I just swallowed a whole “meal” and it didn’t hurt. Sticking with it was hardest in the beginning until I found that blending some frozen fruits and such greatly helped the flavor. During this time I felt a little better each week and lost 1-3 lbs a week. My energy increased, I felt better, and was slowly losing weight as well so for me this was a wonderful product. The only downside is the price but when comparing it to the health benefits I received it was worth it.


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