Today we’re reviewing the Medifast Program, specifically, their ‘Medifast PLUS for Appetite Suppression Shakes’. The overall results varied and it took some time to hammer out an agreed-upon score. Let’s break this down.



Medifast is definitely a plan to look into if you have the money to invest, but as a poor person, I guess I’m not part of their target demographic. Their Drink Mix comes in at $2.20 per meal while the pre-packaged shakes land at $3.25. Now, for a meal replacement shake that’s not horrifying until you spend some time on their site. The program they ask you to do involves replacing your diet almost entirely with Medifast approved meals and after 20-30 minutes hanging around the site, our cart overfloweth with over $200 in good. This is a lot easier to do than it  sounds. and we decided to empty the cart to the bare-essentials and keep our wallets a little thicker.

Hunger Blockers


We’re not 100% convinced about the hunger-blocker CitriMax®. It’s a very popular supplement and Medifast used it for their shakes so we decided to hash out our overall opinion of it. The problem we see is not many people really know what it does. Studies show that it doesn’t increase the burn of fat by a significant amount (one study showed cyclists going from 0.66% fat burned per minute to 0.68% with a much higher does of CitriMax® than is found in Medifast). When shown this study, they claim that CitriMax® is more for curbing appetite than it is for burning fat. However, we don’t know if it was just the amount of it in Medifast or if the supplement is just not really good at its job, but the hunger blockers lasted less than an hour before we wanted something substantial to actually fill us up.



Medifast contains a whopping 15 grams of protein per shake and 25 essential vitamins and minerals to make up about 25-30% of your RDI (Recommended Daily Intake). They also kept the calories down to 100 per serving with both their milk chocolate and vanilla flavors. We did wonder about that as often Chocolate flavors will have a few more calories and fat grams than vanilla, but their nutrition label for both is exactly the same. We’ll take their word for it and give them a 9.1 because it’s got everything we want, but we’ve seen better.



Okay, if you do end up choosing Medifast, as your shake, we would definitely recommend the chocolate over the vanilla. We were not impressed with their vanilla at all. The prepackaged shakes contain soy milk so keep that in mind if you’re not a fan of the “yeasty” aftertaste that sometimes comes with soy products. Some of our staff struggled with it, while others prefer soy milk so they enjoyed it a lot more. The mix got better reviews in general as people were able to mix it with whatever liquid content they prefer, but still the vanilla scored low. The chocolate was passable, with a chocolate milk kind of flavor (though we think the CitriMax® adds a little bit weird aftertaste and it seems they just threw it in there without an consideration to what effect it would have on its flavor.) Overall we decided on a 7.2 though some of us would’ve rated it higher and some a lot lower. This might be one of those products you have to taste for yourself to see.


The Medifast program seems to be an entire dietary lifestyle change and while some of the stuff looks quite appetizing, like we said earlier, this program is an investment. Now it’s hard to calculate just how much extra you’re spending, but looking at a 3 week supply of food, shakes, and snacks totaling well over $200 is going to be hard for a lot of us to swallow. It also seems to be somewhat hodgepodge giving you general guidelines but making you do a lot of your own planning. If you’re not the most motivated person, like some of our staff (*cough* Jake *cough*) this definitely might not be the most effective weight-loss plan for you.

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  1. Yogesh Gupta says:

    ‘Meal Replacement Shakes’ and ‘Meal Replacement Bars’ have become integral part of most of the diets. You provide a very valuable service by with your website. I wish you will also include a sister website for ‘Meal Replacement Bars’.
    Now coming to Medifast shakes, I was on Medifast program for 3 months, so I know about Medifast shakes. You do not have to be on Medifast program and spend over $200 to buy these shakes. They are available on eBay as well. It costs about $16.00 for a box of 7 shake packets, or about $2.30 per shake. The prepared shakes are more expensive but are not the mainstay of their product line. IdealShape is your near ‘standard’. IdealShape is a powder and not a prepared shake. That’s another reason that you should use the cost of powdered shake to provide a more reasonable comparison. I agree, the taste of Medifast shakes is not that appetizing, unless they are mixed aged for 2 hours and then blended.
    I love your site. Next I will try IdealShape. I wish they would separate the blender bottle from their standard product to reduce the cost.
    Have you thought of including ROIC shake in your studies?
    Thanks for the website.

  2. I’ve used these shakes before and I’ve come to realize that you have to mix the chocolate and vanilla together in the blender. I put ice in there with water and then had two ready made shakes that were a little bit thicker and tasted way better than on its own. I did it also with choco/strawberry, strawberry/vanilla, vanilla/orange.

  3. ONE SHOULD ALSO CONSIDER “THE PLAN” , With the medifast shakes, they are only a part of the program… are eating every 3-4 hours. Where as most programs with shakes are part of a 3 meals per day program and you are substituting 2 meals with shakes.
    I recently used medifast from Sept. 20th through Feb. And lost 55lbs……my wife lost 44. I have also used Herbalife and a few others, but had lower results. The medifast program works, and teaches you how to change your life style while losing weight. Well worth the money.

  4. I lost 80 pounds using Medifast, but I went through their sister program called Take Shape for Life, which provides a free health coach. Really amazing results happened when I used this free service. I decided to health coach for TSFL my self. If you have any questions please call me. 479-61-3676.


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