As I was walking through the store the other day, I noticed a shake called Glucerna that I had not noticed before. It was their Hunger Smart Shake marketed specifically to “Diabetics” and it seemed like it might be okay since we’ve been asked to review more shakes that don’t have to be ordered online or part of an MLM.

I grabbed some of their Rich Chocolate flavor, it was a bit pricey at the store, but if you’re willing to pay for the convenience then let’s take a look at the full deal in the review.



If you’re picking this up from the store, you’ll probably end up paying about $3.00 per shake for these, but we were able to find them for $2.00 a shake online. Definitely something to keep in mind.

Hunger Blockers


First impression of these shakes were that they were a bit light/watery for our taste. Most of us weren’t completely full when we finished and those of us who felt the shake initially were not impressed with how long they felt satisfied. They use fiber and Chromium for their appetite suppressant and both seemed to fall flat. 5 grams of fiber isn’t bad, and while 170% of your Chromium is a lot, Chromium has never been one that we’ve found to be that effective.



Glucerna is a company usually associated with helpful products for diabetics, so we were surprised to see 16 grams of Carbohydrate in each shake. Not too high, but certainly not the lowest we’ve seen. They also use sugar alcohols in most of their products which are sweeteners that are not absorbed into the bloodstream like cane sugars. 180 calories is pretty nice and so is the 10 grams of protein per serving. 8 grams of fat is a bit high. They also have a fairly balanced amount of vitamins and minerals to supplement your meal.



As we stated earlier, these shakes tasted a bit water or thin so the texture wasn’t very pleasant. On top of it the chocolate flavor wasn’t very good. I don’t know who was behind the flavoring of the shake, but they do not know much about what the flavor “chocolate” means. Apparently their “Homemade Vanilla” actually tastes better, which was odd because the name alone made us wary. In the end, no one liked the taste enough to say they would drink for this any extended amount of time.

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  1. laurafrey says:

    What did you do to the taste of my shake? I’ve been relying on Glucerna for about 10 yrs and have been very satisfied. The chocolate was palatable if mixed with very cold coffee.

    I now find it undrinkable. Whatever chemical was used to “new formula, great taste” is undrinkable. I’m looking for something drinkable since I will have no teeth for a while and eat on the go a lot. .I will be buying no more Glucerna, with regret. Good bye old friend.

  2. No vitamins and 27 grams of carbs – great for low blood sugar, but otherwise just another junk food to me.

  3. You have to be kidding. Why would I pay $2 or $3 per use for lousy tasting Glucerna shake when I can buy a chocolate Premier Protein shake with better flavor, 1g of sugars, 30g of protein, less carbs, on, and on and on?
    If you rate Glucerna a “top 10” then what does that make Premier?

  4. I tried Premier protein shake & for my taste, it is delicious – chocolate. Doc said it is way too much protein for me – 30 grams. Am looking at this site to find out about GLUCERNA. I have a friend who has been using it for a long time & feels it is good for her. The review here of it being watery & not good tasting is making me hesitant to try it. We are both Diabetics. Since it is on sale in Costco, I was tempted to but a case. Better try one first.

  5. Its funny how so many peoples taste differ. I have tried several meal replacement shakes & this is the only I can down. I absolutely love the taste both Choc.& Vanilla. I’m not diabetic but I like the fact of low sugar. My only complaint is the cost. aprox. $8-9 for four is a little pricey. But the best I’ve tasted yumm.

  6. A neighbor heard I was a diabetic she gave me several ncans of choc. glucerna it was great was great


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