We continued our streak of MLM’s this week by picking up the Evolv Shakes. These shakes are a bit pricey but they’re formulated pretty well from what we’ve seen. Let’s take a look in the breakdown.



The cheapest we could find these shakes a la carte was $42 for a 14 serving package. That brings the cost to about $3 per shake, not bad but we’re always hoping for the $1.50 mark. Participating in the MLM will probably lower the cost of the shakes or something, but we didn’t drink this particular brand of cool aide, so a rep will have to let us know the exact figures in the comments.

Hunger Blockers


This shake relies a lot on just the 6 Grams of Fiber to work towards filling you up. It does an okay job of it, but didn’t really last until our next meal or give us the satisfied feeling we’re always hoping for in these reviews.



These shakes contain about 35% of your RDI in of 19 vitamins and minerals, which is good to replace one of your meals. It also does pretty well with the 12 grams of protein and the 1 gram of sugar per serving. 110 Calories isn’t too shabby though 4 grams of fat means about 35% of your calories are calories from fat.



We tried the chocolate and we had to blend it several times in order to really get this shake mixed. It didn’t want to mix and was still pretty gritty when we did drink it. However it wasn’t a terrible tasting shake, just not something that we would happily drink day in and day out for weeks at a time while we try to diet.

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  1. Not only am I a distributor. I take the shake everyday and never once had a problem with it not mixing or being chalky. And the price is as low as $35 a bag
    I would recommend you to take another look at Evolv. I just had a lady call me and ask about Evolv because she said that Shakeology was bad tasting.
    Thank you for reading my email
    Shirley Miller


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