After hearing about the dōTERRA Slim&Sassy Trim shakes we stumbled around the interwebs for a bit before how exactly to spell the product and where to get their shake. But we’ve accomplished it and here are our thoughts:



We were pleasantly surprised by the $50 price on the tubs until it was delivered in the mail and we realized that the $50 is for 20 servings. That puts your cost per shake at pretty close to 2.65 per meal. It’s not the worst we’ve seen, but it’s certainly not the best.

Hunger Blockers


doTERRA does use EssentraTrim as a hunger blocker. It’s a patented extract from the ashwagandha (that’s a fun word to say) plant, and for the most part it worked for an hour or two. Unfortunately it wasn’t the lasting full that we were hoping for as most people began craving snacks only an hour or two after drinking the shake. The EssentraTrim studies are hard to come by and we couldn’t find any third party support for it. Many of us needed an extra boost to get us to the next meal.



doTERRA does absolutely awesome on nutrition. With 33% of your daily intake of 20 vitamins and minerals, 125 calories, and only 0.3 grams of sugar per serving you are really getting a great meal replacement for your buck. 7 Grams of carbs is also pretty good considering that it mainly comes from Fiber. 16 Grams of protein is another plus.



Bland and mineral-ish is the best way to describe these shakes. We tried the chocolate flavor and most people weren’t happy with the taste. We got through it alright, but the thought of drinking it day in and day out for weeks on end was a really unappealing thought. You’re definitely going to have to spice this shake up with some healthy additions like Greek Yogurt or Fruit, but careful to keep the calories low.

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  1. I use other doTERRA products and they have a Slim & Sassy essential oil blend that you can add to water and drink throughout the day. It contains grapefruit, lemon. peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon essential oils. I have drank it throughout the day for about three months, and if my stomach is growling it can calm the stomach for about ten minutes, but then I would get hungry again. It tastes gross and I am fuller if I can just drink a lot of water. Just thought I would post this in case another doTERRA user was thinking of trying this. Save yourself the $35 or however much it is.

  2. I am currently using the trim shakes and the Slim and Sassy essential oil as well. I didn’t like the taste of it in my water so I went down to my local health food store and bought some empty capsules to put the oil in. I put about 8-10 drops in the capsule and take one after each meal. It does a great job at curbing my urges for snacking. As for the taste of the trim shakes, the vanilla is better than the chocolate in my opinion, but they are both bearable.

  3. I use the doterra oils and have been using the Slim & Sassy on and off. I don’t mind the taste and it does somewhat curb my appetite. I also ordered the chocolate trim shake, but can not tolerate the taste. It’s awful. Maybe the vanilla is better

    • I like the chocolate if you add a little peanut butter to it. That should increase the protein content, but I’m not sure what it does for the calories. The vanilla is good if you add a couple drops of Wild Orange essential oil or put berries in it.

  4. I think the shakes are great. I use the chocolate trim shake and actually like it a lot better than the vanilla. To make it more bearable i put in a spoonfull of peanut butter and a whole banana. I really enjoy it this way. My parents really like the vanilla with some drops of citris bliss essential oil or something else to add flavor, but it’s still a lot easier for me to stick with chocolate!

  5. I enjoy the chocolate TrimShake mixed with coconut milk and instant decaf coffee. I drink this for breakfast and love it. I will mix the vanilla with some left over green smoothie for a great meal. I didn’t know ashwagandha is supposed to help with feeling full, but I learned it helps to manage cortisol level and used to take it as a supplement. Managing your cortisol level is important when trying to lose weight or under stress so as far as I can see, is a good addition for that reason.

  6. I just started using the Chocolate doTerra Shakes & Slim & Sassy drops. I think the shakes are good. I used GNC & True Essentials in the past & they tasted a lot worse & upset my stomach. I agree the drops do not taste good. I put them in the doTerra veggie capsules. I also use peppermint beads which has helped curbed my appitite.

  7. I’ve been using the Chocolate Trim Shake and adding a banana , about a cup of ice and skim milk and blend it all to make a great shake. I LOVE it and find that if I take it in the morning, I don’t get hungry most days, although I do have a small piece of fruit midmorning and a little protein for lunch and a veggie because they say you need to stoke the furnace to keep the fire (fat) burning. I have a dinner of protein, veggie and fruit or another protein shake if I am not really hungry. I LOVE ice cream, so the shake does help me not crave ice cream, so that’s an extra bonus. I do sometimes add some vanilla extract to my shake, if I think about it. I’m steadily losing every day. I really enjoy the taste of it. I also like to put the Slim and sassy in caps, drink it with water. The taste is ok, but I love the taste of good water, so prefer water to any other drinks or flavors.

  8. Love the shakes they just came out with a new improved version and they are yummy and the chocolate is now richer in flavor. I mix mine with ice and water in a magic bullet. Love it!! Sometimes I throw in some pb2 which gives it a great flavor as well. I have used slim and sassy as well in veggie caps and have lost 35 pounds in past 3 months. :)

  9. I have used both the oil and shake (chocolate) – the oil seems fine – take it mostly at night before bed – taste is fine. The shake – I’m having issues getting the powder to totally blend – I think it has mixed well – but always find huge clumps at the bottom – any suggestions on how to mix this?

  10. just me! says:

    Tried doTERRA.
    Cannot afford the extreme expense and do not like their pyramid scheme.
    Will stick with fresh fruits and veggies, water, and cheap protein powder instead!
    Really losing weight now – finally!

  11. I was using the doterra chocolate shake but after 3 months, my blood sugars increased 3 points, not so good! I tried finding more information on the shakes, but could not find anything, ie they claim it is low on the glycemic index, but there is no evidence to support that claim. I was using it for protein in the morning but the trade off with the increased sugars is not worth it. Both my husband and I have found success with various essential oils, but doterra let us down with their shakes.

  12. I love my Trim shakes form doTERRA and I use the Slim and Sassy oil on my body 3-4 x a week, which you may do, with fractionated coconut oil. I attribute my year of keeping the weight off to these products because I am not a perfect eater. Slim and Sassy essential oil blend is a metabolic blend and it’s working great for me because my metabolism rocks and I’m over 35. I like the shakes by themselves but I have always added things like 1c frozen fruit, or a tbsp of PB, or coffee, so on in a small amount to please my taste wants for that moment. I do not eat in-between meals much as that is what S&S EO blend is for as it had Grapefruit oil in it that curbs cravings, especially sugar. I’m happy with all I get form doTERRA.

  13. if you are a wholesale member (no obligation to purchase) you get 25% off of the retail price so the shakes are less than $2 per serving, I love the chocolate with a banana and I’m looking forward to trying the vanilla next month!

  14. Colleen Lunt says:

    Although I love doTERRA oils and skin care, I do not like the shakes. BioTrust chocolate is my preferred protein shake. I like to use it together with Rockin’ Wellness superfood, blueberries, coconut oil, and ice. I do throw in a Tbls. of raw organic cacao powder once in a while.

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