Supplements: Worth the price?


This is one of those questions that really is quite difficult for us to answer. I mean, there are a lot of supplements out there and so many different things going on within them. So let's try to break them down a little bit. Natural Supplementation: Natural supplementation is probably



When we launched this site four years ago, we wanted to find the top meal replacement shakes to recommend to our readers. Each year we update our shake reviews and research new shakes. Our top three shakes have switched around a bit, but IdealShape continues to be rated the highest. IdealShape has



Shakeology makes a pretty decent shake packed full of a lot of good stuff. If you can afford/stomach this product it's definitely the shake for you. We'll talk about that more in the breakdown. Value 6.0 Wow, this shake is not meant for the dieter on a budget. A 30-day supply of



Isagenix reformulated their shake and it’s not that we weren’t aware of the change, it was just hard for us to justify buying the shake again when it’s so expensive and we had already given it a review. However, in the interest of a fair review, we would be remiss to not give it a second shake (ha!)

GNC Lean


So, today we're going to go ahead and review GNC Lean which is a highly requested review from our readers. One of the things many emails point out is the fact that it's such a good deal at $30 a tub. Which it is a good deal, but not as good as you might think! Value 9.4 Remember that

Myoplex Lite


We're getting a lot of requests for what people want reviewed and we're going to try to turn it up and get those out to you. Of the many reader requested reviews, MyoplexLite seems to be a big one. The product most well known for being part of the 'Body By Jake' programs. They did pretty good in

Special K


This week we were going to review Garden of Life RAW Meal, but the product didn't arrive on time. Instead of just sitting around twiddling our thumbs, someone mentioned that they had seen that Special K, had released a new weight loss shake. We ran to the store and stopped when we saw the product.

MonaVie Shakes


We got our MonaVie Shakes in the mail this week and we were pleasantly surprised by the nutrient value of the shake and not so ecstatic about the hits our wallets took. Let’s go to the breakdown. Value 6.5 The MonaVie meal replacement shakes come in at $90 for a 28 serving tub which

Right Light


We’ve reviewed a lot of meal replacement shakes and if you know a lot about the health industry, you might’ve heard the name Bill Phillips. He’s had his hand in the nutrition/fitness for quite some time. With EAS and Met-RX he’s considered one of the first to ever formulate meal replacement shakes

doTERRA Trim Shake


After hearing about the dōTERRA Slim&Sassy Trim shakes we stumbled around the interwebs for a bit before how exactly to spell the product and where to get their shake. But we’ve accomplished it and here are our thoughts: Value 7.7 We were pleasantly surprised by the $50 price on