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We’ve been asked by a lot of readers to check out more of the store-bought meal replacement shakes, and one of them that comes up quite frequently is the Atkins Day Break shake. These can be found pretty much anywhere that you can find Slim Fast.



These shakes can be found for $7 for a 4-pack which puts the price at $1.75 per shake. It’s pretty nice especially with how convenient it can be to find these. My only hang up is with the 4-pack set up. That means for a month’s supply you have to buy 8 of these, which always makes me feel weird at the checkout. But maybe that’s just me.

Hunger Blockers


It’s got 9 grams of fiber for hunger blocking which is nice…and that’s about it. The shake is a bit watery (which might be better under taste) but it’s significant because it doesn’t seem to set like some meal replacements do. It filled people up okay but not for any significant period of time. No one felt that it actually curbed their hunger equivalent to what a full meal would need to do.



The shakes have better nutrition than most store-bought premixed shakes that we’ve seen in that they have 10 grams of protein and 0 grams of sugar. It has 15% of 11 vitamins and minerals, which we would like to definitely see more of them at probably twice the level to be a great meal replacement. As will all premixed shakes the sodium level is a bit higher than we would prefer (and what you will find with the powders). It comes in at 300 mg.



We got the wild berry flavor and for the most part it was…a little off. I would guess they were going for a raspberry-ish flavor of some sort, but it didn’t quite hit any of the right notes. It tasted like a very watered down slim fast to us. Someone commented that they were not a fan of the smell when they opened the bottle either, but that’s neither here nor there. Plenty of shakes smell a little weird when you open them but still manage to taste amazing. Some that smell amazing manage to taste pretty meh.

So, there you have it. Atkins shakes in a nutshell.

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