By popular request, we’ve gotten our hands on the Arbonne Vitamin/Mineral Shakes for you guys…and to be frank; you owe us. As far as MLM’s  go, these were not a fun one to deal with.



The Arbonne Shakes can be found for $59 for a 30 day supply which means that they are coming in at $2 per shake. You’ll need to join the MLM to get your hands on it or find it on ebay or Amazon as you cannot buy a la carte from their official site without being part of the program.

Hunger Blockers


These shakes contain 2 grams of fiber and no other hunger blockers so they pretty much fill you up about as much as a glass of NesQuick, but taste worse. Given they’re a tad bit healthier than that, but all of us finished the shakes and mentioned how we knew we were going to be eating something within an hour.



Alright, so after not being able to buy the shake a la carte, we looked around to see if we could find someone that is currently part of the program. We found one who sold us a couple servings in a sandwich baggy. (Not a free sample, mind you, we had to pay the 2$ per serving from them…but that’s being nitpicky.)  The sandwich baggy did not have a nutrition label so we headed to the internet to get our hands on the label.

After an hour and a half of fruitless searching we could not find the full label anywhere on line. Not even on the arbonne official site. So we called up and told that it was information that was only given to Arbonne members.

To which our response was: “What?!”

After a lengthy verbal arm-twisting, we got them to send us the label, and we’ve linked it for you in this review! But don’t tell anyone we did this as we’re getting tired of the Cease and Desist letters. This will be our little secret.

Nutritionally they’re pretty okay. 20 grams of protein is good, and so is only containing 170 calories. However, 15% of your RDI in vitamins and minerals is a bit low for our taste.



Based on the unlabeled sandwich baggy we couldn’t be sure that the rep hadn’t just replaced the actual stuff with NesQuick until we actually tried the shakes. Yeah, this wasn’t the chocolate milk you went crazy for as a kid. It was a vitamin-y kind of gritty chocolate you might expect from a protein shake. We were not impressed.

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  1. I’m actually hooked on Arbonne protein powder because it is all vegan protein, 20 grams per shake and tastes really yummy. I don’t eat just the powder with water or milk. I blend it with fresh mint, fruit, and nut butters for a more rounded filling breakfast. If I drink one of these in the morning I can go for a good 6 hours without eating. This is VERY rare for me as I usually have an issue with extreme drops in blood sugar. I give this product a definite 9 out of 10. I don’t give it a 10 because it is sweetened with Stevia and I try to avoid sweeteners at all cost. Although this has a very low sugar count as well!

    I’m not an Arbonne consultant so don’t think I’m trying to sell this! Honest to goodness happy customer.

    • Stevia is not a bad sweetner, it is actually the only safe one out there aside from honey, coconut sugar, and pure maple syrup. Sugar targets the same pleasure zones in the brain as cocaine. Stevia, honey, Coconut sugar, and pure maple syrup do not target that zone therefore do not effect the body the same way sugar does. Sugar is actually 8 times more addictive then cocaine and it forces your body into hyper drive causing your liver to have to turn it into fat storage instead of burning it as energy.

      I am not an Arbonne rep by the way either… I actually am a Beachbody coach. Just thought I would share about Stevia. It is safe! :) Sugar is not. :)

    • It’s full of cane sugar.. It’s the second ingredient !
      I cannot find in the package how many grams per serving and I find that really odd

      • It’s 9 grams per serving. Which is a bit high. I am an Arbonne consultant and I truly love and am addicted to their protein but I will admit that the sugar content could be lower.

  2. I have been using these for a week now. I love them. I do blend with unsweetened almond milk, half a frozen banana, fiber boost and ice. Makes a wonderful smoothie for breakfast and the chocolate is my favorite. I also use the vanilla and mix with frozen strawberries and blueberries, almond milk, fiber boost and ice. These are filling and I do not get hungry for about 5 hours My husband and I are both doing these and think they taste pretty good. Taste is a personal thing for folks but I think these taste fine.

    I am not a consultant. I do not sell Arbonne. Bought it from a consultant.

  3. Brittany says:

    I am an Arbonne rep, and I am Appaled at the fact that the rep you contacted barged you go baggies of the product. Arbonne sells individual packs of the powder, which are great for sampling. I am also surprised and would like to apologize for the hassle you had in finding the ingredients. Maybe this is something that has recently changed, but without signing in, I can look up any product an the ingredients list. I know that consultants receive a full listing of the uses for all the ingredients. Again, I apologize for the fact that your experience was not excellent.

  4. I, too, am hooked on the Arbonne shakes. I just use water with the mix (because I just want something fast). The shakes are pretty darned filling. I’ve been having two per day and one small meal (plus a healthful snack or the Arbonne chews). The taste is fine (not great, but good enough).

    • I have been using it for about a year. Mix it with frult and juice and ice. Very filling good taste. Pick your fruit, pick your juice, it’s great. I had been looking for a suitable brakefast smoothie for a while. Your asseement is interesting, however I don’t agree with it. I prefer vanilla, it mixes well with many juices and or fruit. What is your recommendation for a smoothie?

  5. I was looking for a shake w/o whey or soy protien. Both are not easily digested, and well you know the GMOs. I found Arbonne shakes extremely tasty. I prefer vanilla because of all you can mix with them as others have testified. My kids love the chocolate with nut butters and bananas!!
    I did become a consultant for the discount,but Since have started to sell because of my and my families testimonials! Arbonne has many top quality products!! I am extremely impressed!

  6. I am currently drinking my first Arbonne shake ever. I received a couple of samples from a friend. This one is chocolate. Fist of all, I am not a really a protien shake person so I don’t have a lot to compare it to. But, I don’t particularly like the taste of this at all! It is a little gritty and just not that pleasant, not something I would look forward to drinking. I’m also disappointed that I could immediately tell it was artificially sweetened with something. I don’t use artificial sweeteners at all so this is a real turn off for me. Why would anyone who is serious about health and fitness want to put anything artificial in their body? I would not buy this product.

    • Jammie says:

      It isn’t an artificial sweetner. It is the actual exract of the stevia plant. I too am not a protein shake drinker, however, after drinking them for several weeks i have come to love them. I will never drink a soy based or whey protein shake and found that Arbonne’s Vegan Certified, soy free, dairy free, gluten fre protein powder is second to none! I’ve lost 32# and over 18 inches in a few months and i believe its because of detoxing my body of all the toxins that the FDA allows companies to put in our food. Don’t give up on it they will grow on you and your body will thank you!

      • SterlingGirl says:

        I personally find the Vitamin/Mineral Shake (both the chocolate and vanilla) to be extremely good. I always mix with a little of skim milk, a couple of ice cubes, and a variety of either strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, or bananas. My boyfriend loves them as well and has already lost 8 pounds in 1 1/2 months. The fact that they do not contain artificial sweeteners (stevia is not an artificial sweetener by the way), vegan certified, dairy free, gluten free….and no soy or whey ….makes them the perfect fit for me.

      • I am an Arbonne consultant. Vegan certified, gluten free, dairy free, no soy, no whey is what sold me! I have been ‘recruited’ by several companies to network sell their products. I can’t sell a product full of nasty chemicals and animal testing is a NO. I just can’t sell something that I don’t believe in. This is a great product. Add fruit and a scoop of Arbonne’s fiber boost if you aren’t feeling full enough.

    • As a former Arbonne user (not a rep), hope to be again, soon, I love this product. My favorite is the chocolate that I would mix with almond milk, nut butters, bananas and ice (I make them thick like real shakes). I found that if you premix the powder and liquid in your blender and let sit for a minute then add your other ingredients, it drastically reduces the grittiness. It would satisfy me for at least 5 hours. Although, not a vegan, I loved the fact that it was not soy or whey based as I have a problem with both.

    • No artificial sweeteners…read the label!

  7. jennifer alford says:

    I have tried many protein shakes by different companies. Arbonne vanilla has no aftertaste like so many others and Not as gritty. LOVE IT!!! I love that its soy, dairy, gluten, whey free etc. I have detoxed from all this funky stuff and I feel great! No, I dont starve either. Quite happy with how they make me feel. So energized! And to top it all off I lost amost 70 lbs in 7-8 months and have kept it off for over a year. Best health and shape that I have been in …in like forever!

  8. I am a recent Stage III breast cancer survivor and was looking for a vegan based protein shake with no soy (cancer was estrogen based and oncologist advised against soy) or whey (inflamation). I feel blessed that I found out about Arbonne. I am amazed at how wonderful this shake tastes. I usually mix it with 1/2 unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 water. I sometimes add fruit or almond butter, but love the taste plain as well. If I don’t have time to make the shake before work, I use a shaker when I get to work and use just water and the protein powder. It is still tasty and mixes well!! 20 grams of protein is great for only 160 calories and 15 grams of carbohydrates. If you want additional fiber, Arbonne also sells a fiber boost. Sometimes I add the fiber and sometimes I don’t.

  9. The first thing I notice is this review is that it is outdated. Old product, old review, and inaccurate in that regard. For value anyone can choose to purchase at a wholeslae price, one doesn’t need to sell Arbonne.
    The shakes given higher review scores – several contain artificial ingredients. If you want your mind in old age – artificial foods are not your friend. Natural News has been rocking the protein industry with toxic trace metal reports in early 2014 – you may want to add that factor in to your review – as you are recommending brands with trace metals as well.
    My family uses Arbonne. I am a researcher, a skeptic, and a major advocate of cancer prevention. What Arbonne leaves out of their nutrition line is just as important to me as what they put into their products. The company does spend money to ensure purity and safety by having raw materials tested, but in regards to our health…you do typically get what you pay for.
    The protein is formulated WITHOUT aresenic, lead, mercury, cadmium and tungsten
    Essentials protein contains NO artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors
    No Gluten, Dairy/Lactose, Soy
    No GMO (organic whenever possible)
    Cold processed to maintain integrity of the whole food
    No Carageenan (more negative effects are being reported on this as of late)
    No fructose – raw organic Stevia (not processed, ie Truvia) and organic raw cane sugar is used to sweeten
    Alkaline based and hormonally balanced (this is critical for long term health)
    20 grams of Vegan protein – ideal amount of protein to consume at one time
    Scores 100% on Essential Amino Acid profile and is more bio available than whey based

    When you are ready to re-review protein powders I would send you a sample free of charge, and include ingredients, fact sheets. I will be pleasant to work with, and I have probably already asked the company all the questions you may have as I research, learn and continue my healthy journey daily. I encourage you to tell it like it is, with all the facts.
    The Arbonne Essentials protein has greatly contributed to my renewed health (which began 4 years ago with the “old” formula and 85 lbs lost and never to find again). Chronic back pain – gone. Pre type II diabetes – no more. My husband and son are no longer on OTC and Rx for allergies and high cholesterol. Our son is since gluten and dairy senstive (not a full blown allergy – but chronic sinus issues are gone in eliminating these two food groups). We have not needed a doctor in years, but I will say that 3 years ago my doctor did comment that I had taken 30 years off my age. I was on the face track to a nursng home in old age, and knew it. I am grateful to Arbonne’s research and development department for giving me back an active life.

    • I am a newbie.and trying to learn how to take care of myself. Recently I had a stroke from uncontrolled blood sugar & high blood pressure. I have been diabetic for about 3 years, never had high BP problem. I am lactose intolerant, have egg allergy and I am attempting to go gluten free. there are so many products out there and this is confusing. I could definitely use some good advice. I have a friend on the Arbonne shakes and she loves them.
      Any comments would be appreciated. God bless. J*

    • So there is fructose. It has cane sugar, which is fructose and glucose.

    • Perfect review. I would like to see this site re evaluate the product and leave their personal feelings out of it. Great testimonial.

      • You want then to review the product, but leave their personal feelings/opinion out of it ……..

        Really, that sounds like one hell of a review.

    • Are you still using Arbonne today and are you just as happy as you were a year ago when you wrote this?

  10. I tried the Arbonne vanilla shake I got from a consultant in one of those baggies but it was a free sample. I did not get charged $2. While I love the nutrition behind the product I felt like I was drinking cake batter. I don’t like how sweet it is and it was very gritty. I added 1C of berries and some coconut milk to it and a little water to get it the consistency I liked. It is leaving a thick coating on my tongue as well. I could not finish it due to the sweetness and grittiness of the shake. I have enjoyed other Arbonne products however like the detox tea and skin products. I wish I could like this too.

  11. Karen Mitchell says:

    I’m looking to gain a few pounds, but I want healthy pounds… not fatty pounds. I would I increase the calorie intake? What are some suggestions please and thank you? I tasted the vanille and it has a great taste.

  12. Happy to see the nutrition label but what about the full ingredients list?

  13. I am addicted to these shakes. I make with soy milk , banana and a tsp of peanut butter. They are tasty and very filling. My arbonne consultant has also given me granola bar recipes that can be used with the powder. I have bought other powder and find the Arbonne one to be the best.

  14. I’m not a fan of the type of B12 (cyanocobalamine) in this shake. It’s the cheaper, man-made variety which the body does not recognize and can’t use. The more natural variety of B12 is methycobalamin.


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