Arguably one of the most important parts of a meal replacement shake is the appetite suppressant that they use. If you’re still hungry after drinking the shake, than you are more likely to snack and gain all those calories back. It also changes the value of the shake. If it doesn’t actually replace a meal, then you won’t save money by the reduced cost.

So today we’re going to talk about some of the appetite suppressants that we’ve seen shakes using.


Fiber is the big one. Most shakes contain at least some fiber along with whatever other hunger blocker they use in the shake. Fiber is always great, and Americans are struggling with their daily fiber intake, so this is always a thumbs up. Especially since it has been shown that one of the effects of fiber is to help with digestion. It has been shown that higher levels of daily fiber can make it so that around 20% of the calories you consume on a daily basis can be passed through your system without ever being absorbed. The reason for this is how dense it is. Your body takes much longer to process fiber so it moves through your intestinal tract without being fully absorbed. This density also provides the full feeling.


Chromium is another of the big ones used in a lot of shakes. However, this one we’ve looked at and haven’t seen much in the way of proven studies. In our tests, the shakes that use chromium haven’t been as effective as some of the others and the science really isn’t there. In fact, the scientific world isn’t actually too sure what chromium even does in your body. So much so that the FDA lowered the Recommended Daily Intake of Chromium from 50-200 µg to 25-35 µg.

Patented Appetite Suppressants:

These are the more unique stuff that you will see on the market. Most commonly you will find one of these as they are the big ones:

Slendesta: An all-natural potato protein extract. It’s dense; from the tests that we’ve had, and from studies we’ve read this is a pretty good one.

Hoodia: This is a cactus plant and it’s being touted in more pills than we can count. We’ve tried a few shakes with it as the hunger blocker with varying degrees of success.

African Mango: Another one that seems to be getting big in the pill market at the moment. Those of us that have used products containing it have been underwhelmed by its effects overall.

Green Tea Extract: Check out “caffeine” section on this page as it is the main reason Green Tea is considered an appetite suppressant.

Resveratrol:  The studies on Resveratrols appetite control are pretty varied, though, all in all Resveratrol is an extract from the skin of grapes and seems pretty healthy for you as a general antioxidant.


Caffeine is definitely an appetite suppressant that many of us are using on a daily basis. That’s why a lot of people skip breakfast and just have a cup of coffee. However, studies show that caffeine is a short term solution and in the end, while you eat less for breakfast, you’ll end up eating more for lunch and make up the calories. Caffeine isn’t a great hunger blocker to be finding in your shakes.


We have begun seeing companies listing protein as an appetite suppressant recently and, while technically true, the observation doesn’t pass much increased scrutiny. Fiber, for example, actually slows the bodies absorption of nutrients so that some of the food you eat is passed without being processed or converted into fat. Protein, on the other hand is pretty much a 1:1 ratio. What you eat in calories is what your body is going to process. Protein is the food standard, it’s not an appetite suppressant any more than a tomato or a cookie is. It fills you up because you’re eating it, not because of any added effects that it provides.

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  1. My sister has lost an incredible 140 lbs. while using the Isagenix program. She lost it in a short amount of time in my opinion. She tells me she never felt better and was never hungry. She didn’t exercise in the beginning, but does now. I’ve been drinking the shake once a day and taking the vitamins as directed. After a couple of hours I notice my appetite comes back. I’ve also noticed that I’m more constipated than usual. I have slightly changed my diet….I figure a little change here and there with what I eat is better than an overhaul. I haven’t started exercising yet. Why did my appetite come back so quickly and what would be the reason for the constipation? I am 41 years old, 5 foot 2, and I weigh 270lbs. Any input or advice about Isagenix is appreciated.

    • I have found that certain multi vitamins will make me hungry….i mean like starving. So then I eat to satisfy the beastly effect of the vitamin. Which in the case of the desire to lose the weight, is not great. though great for the theraputic effect. B vitamins and niacin speed up metabolism causing some of us to want to eat because we are burning more fuel. In this case you might want to shop around for a different multi-vit. Also the iron or ferrus sulfate causes constipation. So maybe you need more fiber…Good luck…:-)

  2. I have learned so much in one morning just reading this blog than I have learned in all the research I’ve done on shakes. Wow so much information and was never confused once as other sites and info gives mix information. You just get right to the point ! Love it! Just wanted to say thanks!

  3. my sister is drinking isagenix shakes and feels good and is losing slowly.The chiropractor prescribed them saying losing weight will help her back pain. She SAYS IT is the best and won’t accept any suggestion to try other brands as her dr. told her that the isagenix are the top shake . ( and of course he sells them to her at his cost) Do you think he is deceiving her just for the profit.

  4. Mrs.R , thanks for sharing information with me. Like many others, I’ve been through them all. I’m having surgery in 2 mos and need to loose at least 20 lbs . What’s your suggestion. I’m 5’4″ and 210 lbs. So obese ! Please help…

  5. I found it very useful especially now that I am over fifty . thanks

  6. I am looking for so kind of shake help me control my hunger, my big problem is I love sweet I need help.

    • Hi Linda, the top rated shake, IdealShake, offers a hunger blocker that may help you. Check out their review to learn more :)

  7. I noticed that A lot of people are using Herbalife now to lose weight but I don see any reviews on this site on it. What is your take on Herbalife?


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