Okay, so we received some samples of AdvoCare Shakes in the mail a little while back and, being the motivated, hard working reviewers that we are, instantly tried the shake and wrote the review so that you could know exactly how we rank them! Okay, that’s a lie. They sat there for a few weeks and finally someone picked one up and said “guys, why haven’t we reviewed these yet?!”

This is bad because Advocare is a pretty good in-between shake. Here’s the review.



At $39.99 for a 14 day serving, Advocare lands somewhere in the middle on price. It comes to around $2.85 per shake which certainly isn’t bad (though a bit inconvenient to be ordering a new package every 2 weeks).

Hunger Blockers


These shakes contain 5 grams of fiber as their form of hunger blocking. Fiber is probably the best way to approach appetite suppression, but I guess this didn’t seem like enough because after the shake most of us weren’t really all that full. About the same as a Slim Fast shake from our experience.



With 24 grams of protein this almost leaves the ‘meal replacement’ category and moves into protein shakes. Plus it doesn’t quite have enough of your RDI to supplement the replacement of a full meal. Ranging from about 20-25% of it, when we usually want to see at least 30-35%. It’s calorie count and sugars are a bit high at 220 and 12 grams respectively.



Advocare comes in the old standards of chocolate and vanilla, but they also have a berry which is the one we tried. It was okay, but we figure if they can do this well with berry, they probably did really well with vanilla and chocolate. Most of us said that we’ve tried better, but we have also tried much, much worse. They do well at covering the vitaminy aftertaste that some shakes have.

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  1. Thank you for the review!
    Of all the meal replacement shakes I have tried, Advocare is the one I like best. And yes it is almost a protein shake lol!

  2. I had tried Advocare vanilla before, and I have to say that the taste is delicious! I am now going to try the Idealshape, since I am looking for more RDI to replace a meal. Thanks for your reviews!

  3. Dannielle says:

    I just recently started using the Advocare system and have a meal replacement shake every morning. My son and I just finished their 24 Day challenge. He lost 14 pounds and I lost inches – since I was not doing it for weight loss I was trying to get get toned and build lean muscle. The shake is amazing and both my son and I love the convenience of not having to worry about breakfast… the most important meal of the day! The company promotes “nutrition” rather than weight loss, the shake goes along with other products to compliment whatever results you are looking for.
    I have never seen this site before and love that you have fairly reviewed all the shakes and will be sure to tell others about it!

  4. I had gastric bypass in February 2003 – because I was unable to get in the protein necessary, my hair began to fall out and while I lost a lot of weight, I was more anemic then ever and no energy!

    I’ve tried the shakes from GNC, Metabolic, Herbalife, etc, etc, etc – the only ones that I have been able to see (and I mean literally see) a difference in is the AdvoCare products! My hair has grown back, the shakes tastes fantastic, they have 24 grams of predigested protein in them! Way more then SlimFast shakes and a whole let less sodium!!

    Hope this helps! :-)

  5. You mentioned that you might feel hungry after the shake. What do you recomend should you feel hungry, say 1 hour after you drink your shake.

  6. I have tried numerous protein shakes over the years. Most are rough on digestive track and will cause bloating and bathroom issues. Each shake packs 24 grams of easily digestible protein, more than twice what you’ll find in many leading health shakes on the
    market and 5-6 grams of fiber.
    I love them!

  7. Awesome review! I love the Meal Replacement Shake from Advocare. I literally skipped breakfast every morning because I had no time and was always on the go. I was never really looking to lose weight because I consider myself to be fit but with just having one of these shakes every morning Ive lost 10lbs. The best part is that the company pays me to tell people about what its done for me.

  8. Once I read the ingredients list and it has ANY artificial flavorings in it, I wouldn’t even try it. Shakeology is 100% all natural-they won’t even create a vanilla flavor because it would need artificial ingredients to taste right. The weight might come off with Advocare, but it isn’t the shake alone that is getting the weight off. Its calorie reduction. Shakeology has 140 calories only! You can add a banana & tsp of PB and be full & have a delicious shake, while still under 300 calories. #1 Healthiest Shake on the planet, and our health is what matters most! Artificial sweeteners are chemically altered, I would not recommend them at all!

    • Hey Gina, all natural isn’t the end-all be-all of health. It can be healthier, but sometimes the all natural isn’t exactly the best. For example, their are red food dyes made from smashed up beetle carapaces. That’s technically all-natural.

      Also if you look at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, they rate Stevia (all natural) and Natural Sugar lower than some of the artificial sweeteners in health and safety.

      Processed foods are by and large less good for you, but that doesn’t mean everything that is all natural is the best choice. Also it’s usually more expensive which is a factor for many people.

      • I agree – all natural does NOT= healthy. Would you drink gasoline?

        • While I agree whole heartedly that “all-natural” is not always the best, I have to question the assumption that gasoline is all natural. Few things are processed and refined more than gasoline. Good premise.. horrible example.

          • Carl Stewart says:

            Gasoline is far from “natural”. But, unfortulately so is our milk, (most of our) juices-unless WE squeeze our own fruit, and even our water is filled with chemicals and “gunk”. I love the Advocare products. I researched their science and it doesn’t have the usual hype-thankfully.

    • This is one of the tricks I’ve noticed in many of these replacement shakes…serving size! When comparing two products, normalization should be done. For instance when comparing Shakeology to AdvoCare…Shakeology serving size is 81% of AdvoCare (48g vs 59g). After applying a 1.25x multiplier to the nutrional chart of Shakeology, the two products are much closer to each other nutrionally…however the cost for Shakeology goes up making it even less attractive value wise than it already is. After normalization, AdvoCare has 36 more calories, 2g more fat, 3g more carbs, 2.5g more fiber, only 1g more sugar, 2g more protein and costs $3 less per serving. Considering that both camps of users are generally happy with the results of each product…the difference seems to be that one has considerably more money in their pockets.

  9. I love the Advocare meal replacement shakes! They are easy to use and you can add fresh fruit in them if you like as well. Love telling people about the Advocare products. Great company and great results!

  10. angie moses says:

    Just finished my first week of the 24 day challenge and I’ve lost 8 lbs! Love the shake! If you use ice to make it in the blender it seems to be a bit more filling. I used Herbalife about a year ago and liked it also.The Spark that is in the 24 day challenge is also good.

  11. Five years ago I had gastric bypass surgery and my surgeon required me to lose at least 20 pounds before he would do the surgery. He then handed me a couple of packages of Advocare and recommended that I try it. I bought used Advocare and lost the required weight in approximately a month. To my surprise, I loved the chocolate and looked forward to my shake for breakfast every morning. I filled my “bullet” cup with ice, sliced a banana into small chunks and added 1 maraschino cherry and a dash of the cherry juice and then mixed in the Advocare per the package directions. It was delicious and I still lost the weight at a very satisfactory rate. Five years post surgery, I have found my weight slowly increasing again. I’m no-where close to obese but intend to go back on Advocare to nip the weight gain in the bud. And the beauty of it… gastric bypass patients require more protein, which is well supplemented by the Advocare. I didnt care for the vanilla but I dont care for vanilla anythng. Those who like vanilla tell me the Advocare is pretty good. I didnt try the berries.

  12. My wife and I started using Advocare products about 6 months ago and I must say they have changed our lives! We have lost weight and gained energy! We have been happy with Advocare since day 1. We purchase our Advocare from if anyone is looking for it.

  13. So I am just starting on the advocare 24 day challange and I am on day four and I tried the Vanilla meal replacement shake and I couldn’t drink it. It made me sick so I was gooing to see if anyone had any suggestions?

    • Sorry didn’t realize how long ago your post was, hopefully you got some advice and have had great success.

    • Try mixing with fruit. Advocare is 100% refundable so if you tell your distributor or person you bought it from, they should either give you your money back or replace it with a new flavor. Advocare will reinburse them. Try a new flavor. My husband hates vanilla. I like it but can’t drink it every day. I LOVE berry and my husband loves chocolate.

    • Hi Sarah,

      I know this post is a bit late, but when I first tried the meal replacement I could not stand the consistency of the shake and was not willing to try it again. I spoke with a friend about it and he suggested that I change the way I prepared the shake. In my first attempt I simply mixed it with water in a regular shaker bottle, with no wisk. The best way to prepare the shakes are in a blender. Fruit can be added for flavor variety, I have preferred plain vanilla. I’m not sure if this helps but it helped me.

    • HI Sarah,

      Another way is to mix it with a Mango pineapple or Mandarin Orange SPARK.. It tastes like a orange julius.

  14. jeff smith says:

    This is the problem with reviewing multi-level marketing products, the drones come out and start promoting the product regardless of its value or quality. Lay off the Spark and do us all a favor by not commenting based on “and I get paid to tell people what it does for me”.

  15. I love the Advocare Vanilla shakes , They are quite filling and delicious I guess U must have the correct amount of water to mix it with don’t make it too dilute.
    I am on the 24 day challenge I am happy with the results so far. The products really help in food cravings, suppress hunger I should say… amazing

  16. Looking for a less expensive but comparable to AdvoCare meal replacement shake. I like the shake but find it expensive and really would prefer BULK.

  17. Started on Advocare in 2010 and have lost 25 lbs using the 24 day challenge. My wife has lost 8% body fat and 33 lbs in the last year on Advocare. The shakes, protein bars and Spark energy drinks are what we live off of. The MNS vitamins really help with lasting energy all day!

  18. I had good luck with advocare but I have NO interest in selling the stuff. I am a fulltime firefighter and own a growing landscape business so if they could be a little less expensive I would continue to use it but am looking for something else.

  19. One trick I did with an Advocare Chocolate Shake was to fix it in the blender using Brita
    filtered water (tastes better), then poured the shake into a “popsicle shaped” container
    and froze it. WaaLaa Advocare popsicle-delish! Regarding the cost – we all spend money on something to eat or drink – DAILY. Be it an extra large coffee at the local convenience/
    gas station, or the world famous Starbucks. Or maybe it is a coffee and donuts at
    Krispy Kreme, or maybe you go without breakfast then gobble up 500 to 600 or more empty calories at lunch (full of fat, sugar, salt and cholesterol). Now translate that into one
    energy and vitamin packed shake which is anywhere from $1.93 to $3.22 per shake depending on whether you decide to turn it into a business opportunity or just want to start a better nutritional and healty life style. In either case, you are getting what you pay for, and at least you know what is in it, how it will affect your overall well-being, and where it comes from, the highly experienced physicians, pharmacists, and other nutrition experts who developed all the products – believe me or not – you will reap benefits you didn’t think possible! If you choose Advocare products I wish you Godspeed and blessings in your quest for a better life.

  20. I just have to say that I did not like the advocate shakes one bit! The texture is slimy. I had a hard time getting myself to swallow it. I felt like I was drinking a glass of vanilla flavored raw eggs. Yuck!! I also didn’t feel very full. I will not be buying them again and am glad that you have put this review up so its easier to shop for a different kind. Thanks!

    • I would suggest putting a banana or most any fruit you like with your shake. As a still practicing tennis teaching professional, I highly enjoy all of the Advocare shakes and the nutrition I get from a quick drink.

  21. I’m a little confused. Under the ‘Nutrition’ section, it almost sounds like you think 24 grams of protein is a bad thing. Maybe I’m just reading it wrong. I think the higher level of protein might be worth mentioning in the ‘Value’ section since that might justify the higher price of the Advocare shakes. These shakes leave the others in the dust when it comes to getting close to my RDI of protein, and that’s a very good thing. Shouldn’t you be touting that like crazy?

    • 24 Grams of protein in a single serving is good…with rigorous exercise. There is a current trend to saying “There’s no such thing as too much protein!”

      Protein, just like everything else, gets converted to fat if not burned. 12-18 grams of protein is great for anyone. 24 grams of protein means you need to be doing a lot of exercise daily or it’s not going to help with weight loss.

  22. These reviews have me laughing do your research. This works because you are cutting your calories and eating clean. No preservatives is the best and the gasoline comment is absurd! I have been in the medical field for years. Keep paying out the money for something you can do just by dropping the Pringles and bacon and eating normal food….oh and you would save money. Too much protein is bad unless you are working out heavy…meaning lifting HEAVY weights…I don,t mean a stroll on the treadmill or elliptical for thirty minutes three times a week. If you don’t use it you gain fat…jjust like eating too many carbs that don’t get used turns to sugar. Go back to basic health class! You are paying money for a gimmick mixed with nutrition we were taught in elementary school. Eat clean, balanced and proper portions of food along with four days of non chatty exercise…you will lose weight.

    • Midge H says:

      Elle L.
      Actually, that is how I’ve lived my entire life. I have Never drank sodas and I have exercised and eaten clean my entire life. However, peri menopause has hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m tired and I still push myself to exercise, but I have gained weight and I feel as though I have globs of fat everywhere. Your theory works – to a point. I’m living proof that even old Marines need a little help. I’m about to ‘diet’ for the first time in my life. I agree that eating right helps, but I will essentially be eating the way I always do for this Advocare 24 day challenge. I’ll let all readers know what happens. BTW – I’ve had a shakeology practically everyday for the last two years. It is in not a ‘diet’ shake and won’t help lose weight. It is extremely good for you, though – Especially if you wouldn’t normally eat well in the first place. They are expensive, but they have expensive ingredients.

  23. I am on day 12 of the Advocare 24 day challenge and I love the Advocare Chocolate flavored Meal Replacement Shake! Not so crazy about the berry flavored one though.

  24. I did the 24 Day Challenge several years back and got caught up in being a distributor, although I strictly did it for the discount. Anyway, as far as the shakes go, they weren’t awful. I would use the blender, but if you blend them for more than a few seconds it thickens into a mess that literally had me gagging to get it down. Of the three available flavors while I was using it, the Vanilla was by far the worst. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that it has a horrible aftertaste. Next was Chocolate, it was just okay. The Berry flavor was, shockingly, the best tasting in my opinion. I think I actually gave up before I could get through all the Vanilla.


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