In our ‘Year in Review’ post we talked about adding ‘A Closer Look’ piece to our highest ranked and most commented on reviews. This week we’re beginning that process.


In the end, we decided not to change the content of the original reviews, but the scores may still change. Instead we will add a labeled paragraph at the end of each review that explains what we changed and why.


Our hope in this process is to make some more deviations in the score as it seems that a lot of the shakes we’re reviewing are arriving in the same overall score range. This could mean that a lot of the shakes are similar, but we want to make sure.


If the score matches then we will take a vote at the end and see, given a choice between two shakes, which one would WE choose to take on a regular basis. If there is still a tie then perfect the scores are right where they should be.


This will be a little more involved as we’re going to talk about ingredients a little more and hopefully explain why we’ve reached the decisions we have.


So check out the end of our reviews for the “A Closer Look” paragraph and see what changes come about when measured side by side with all of our top shakes.

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  1. Teresa Quiroz says:

    That’s a great idea, especially if the products have ingredient changes or out of business, etc.


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